Destroy Confidential Information Safely with a High-Security Level P-5 Shredder

Shred Confidential Information With a Security Level P-5 Shredder

Whether you are looking to shred confidential information for your business or personal use, you will need a high security shredder. The DIN 66399 standard specifies seven security levels for different types of media.

The first two levels, P-1 and P-2, produce long strips that are still legible. Levels P-3 and above are cross-cut, which increases security and reduces waste.

Security Level

The security level of a shredder determines how thoroughly the documents are destroyed. The higher the security level, the harder it is to reassemble the shredded pieces. Depending on the type of information you’re destroying, this is an important feature to consider.

The lowest level of document destruction is P-1, which cuts paper into long strips. While this is fine for junk mail, you should always go with a higher security level for anything that contains privacy or financial information.

Levels P-3 and P-4 take it a step further by cross-cutting the papers into smaller pieces. This is a big leap in security from strip-cut machines, and it makes it very difficult to reconstruct any kind of useful data from the shredded pieces. A standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper is cut into hundreds of microscopic particles when shredded at this security level. This is often the level of protection required by government agencies.

Shredding Capacity

When shopping for a shredder the capacity and sheet size of your documents is important to consider. The higher the capacity of the machine, the more paper you can shred at once, and the faster you will be able to destroy large piles of paper.

Level P-1 and P-3 shredders cut documents into strips that can easily be reconstructed, making them ideal for less sensitive information. Level P-4 and P-5 shredders are ideal for more sensitive data as they create cross-cut particles that are difficult to reconstruct.

High security p-5 shredders reduce information to a particle, making it nearly impossible to reconstruct. These types of shredders are commonly used by security firms and government offices to protect confidential or top secret documents. Shop for a shredder with innovative features that address the number 1 consumer frustration, paper jams, as well as safety and energy efficiency to save money on your utility bill. Some of these features include the auto shut off feature that allows your shredder to power down when not in use, and the reusable waste bin that eliminates costly replacements.

Safety Features

Some shredders have extra features that make them safer for your workplace. For example, they may have safety sensors to prevent your fingers from getting too close to the cutting heads. They may also be able to automatically stop when they encounter a paper jam. You can even find ones that can handle other media like credit cards and CDs.

The different levels of security available in a paper shredder will depend on your industry’s regulations, as well as how much privacy you want to maintain. Levels P-1 and P-2 produce strip-cut documents that can be easily reconstructed, while level P-3 offers added protection.

Higher-level models offer even more advanced security by using micro-cut technology. These devices shred documents into tiny pieces that are even smaller than standard confetti. They are often popular with government agencies that require top-secret and confidential information to be destroyed. They are also sometimes referred to as high-security shredders. P-6 and P-7 class cross-cut shredders are the most secure, and are usually approved for government usage.

Noise Level

This large capacity shredder by Bonsaii offers a very quiet operation. It’s designed to handle up to 22 sheets of paper at once and features LED indicators for bin-full, overload, and door open. It also has a powerful motor that can run for 120 minutes before needing a 30 minute cool-down.

The shredder has a P-4 security level and turns papers into 5/32 by 1-19/50 inch tiny cross cut particles. This provides superior security compared to standard strip-cut machines. The shredder can also destroy staples, paper clips, CDs/DVDs, and credit cards.

DIN security levels are a set of standards that classify shredders according to how secure they are. The levels range from P-1 to P-7, with higher numbers indicating greater security. P-1 shredders create long strips, cutting a sheet of A4 paper into about 40 parts with a maximum shred size of 12mm. These are acceptable for general use but not for documents containing sensitive information like bank account details.

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