The Loudest and Smartest Alarmed Disc Lock: XENA’s Intelligent Security Solution

Disc Locks With XENA Intelligent Security

Xena has developed an unrivaled understanding of how extraordinarily strong locks can be combined with intelligent alarm systems. The company’s alarmed disc locks are a good example.

The XN14 is a disc lock with an audible 120dB alarm triggered by movement or vibration. It’s powered by a single CR2 long-life lithium battery.


Pound for pound XENA alarmed locks are the loudest, smartest and strongest way to stop thieves. They use a self alarming LED arming sensor to activate and a 110 dB piercing alarm to warn thieves off your pride and joy. Connectivity enables owners to adjust the alarm volume and timing as well as sensitivity of movement and shock sensors via their smartphone app. Xena is the world’s leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of alarmed locks for motorcycles.


With its mono-bloc 304 stainless steel body and piercing 120 dB alarm, the XN14 is as physical a deterrent as it is intelligent. It has three sensors; a LED arming sensor and shock and movement sensing. When you place the XN14 on your disc it activates within seconds and emits two chirps to confirm it is in protect mode.

When a threat is detected it triggers the alarm, but what’s more interesting is that your phone receives a notification via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). You can connect to the lock and adjust its sensitivity as well as monitor battery life.

Other notable features include a number of improvements to the BLE connectivity platform as well as improved node list retrieval performance in Kolla and support for boot_mode and secure_boot state visibility on bare metal nodes via the API. Also new is ECMP route consolidation in Neutron. These enhancements underscore the flexibility of OpenStack project integration and help maintain the project’s stability.

Battery Life

Unlike other alarmed disc locks that require you to turn them on before you can use them, the XN14 is self activating, simply place it over your disc and it will arm itself in about 5 seconds. Upon being armed it will emit 2 chirps and then the 110 dB piercing alarm will sound. When the alarm sounds it will continue to sound for about 15 seconds before it turns off and rearms itself. This alarm is triggered by movement or shock sensors and will draw attention to your bike if attempts are made at theft.

For further peace of mind connectivity allows you to connect the XN14 via bluetooth and adjust your alarm settings through the app. Including alarm volume, timing and sensitivity of the movement & shock sensors as well as battery life status.

App Control

Unlike traditional alarmed disc locks which have the potential to set off on your own xena smart security has shock and movement sensors that will alarm and send a chirp when it is disturbed. Backing up the physical properties is a piercing 120dB alarm to deter thieves as well as carbide-reinforced double locking pins and a mono-bloc 304 stainless-steel body. The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module allows you to control and monitor your alarm settings and battery life via an app on your iOS or Android device.

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